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Event Promotion Process

Any student organization, faculty member, or staff member can propose an event at TCSPP. Follow the below steps to propose your event, book a room, and advertise your event.
  1. Review the calendar of events and pick a potential date
  2. Book a room with Facilities
  3. Make a flyer
    • TCSPP templates are available for download!
  4. Submit your event
  5. Pick up your approved flyers from Student Support Services on the 3rd floor of 325 N Wells and post them on campus
    • Student Support Services hours are 9 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday
Review our event planning tips to help you prepare for your big event!

About Chicago Campus Events

Event Email

The weekly events email is sent every Sunday. Events submitted by noon on Friday will be included in the weekly email. Events submitted after 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday will be included in the next week's events email.

The events email is the primary means of communication about TCSPP Chicago Campus events. If you want to discuss other communication strategies, email

Event Calendar

A complete calendar of events with short descriptions is available at

Posting your flyers

Flyers can be posted on bulletin boards in the following areas:

  • Next to elevators on floors 3-7 in 325 N Wells
  • Boards outside the Forensic Psychology department in the Merchandise Mart
  • 5th Floor Student Lounge – Wells
  • 4th Floor Student Lounge – Merchandise Mart

The person advertising the event is responsible for posting flyers. Facilities will remove flyers after the date on the approval stamp. Generally, 10-13 copies of each flyer is sufficient.

If taping a flyer to a wall or door in your office area, be sure to use blue painter's tape.