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​OCWC Workshops and Seminars

Spring 2019 Webinar Series



RECORDING: Harnessing a Dissertation Mindset

This 60-minute session will provide support and guidance for developing an mindset about your dissertation project. Writing, researching, and developing a dissertation takes careful planning and a lot of persistence. 
Basic project management techniques, goal setting, and a growth mindset can help students manage this impressive undertaking. ​​

RECORDING: Preserving Your Academic Integrity: How to Avoid Plagiarism

Learn the skills of quoting, summarizing, and paraphrasing and APA citation to make sure that you are not committing plagiarism in your academic work.​

RECORDING: Building Blocks for Better Writing 1: Basics of Academic Prose

This 60-minute presentation covers the basics of academic prose, including APA grammar rules and sentence structure. Leave feeling more confident in your abilities to craft clear, concise sentences and paragraphs.​


This 60-minute presentation will cover APA in-text citations, APA references, and common APA style rules such as seriation, headings, formatting, and more!


RECORDING: Building Blocks for Better Writing 2: Tips for Tackling the a Term Paper

In this webinar, we will expand upon Part 1, which covered grammar building blocks, to review the building blocks of the typical ten page term paper, including: writing a thesis statement, outlining the paper, proper paragraphing, transitions, crafting a conclusion, and more. Transition from paper assigned to paper accomplished with this OCWC workshop.


APA style involves more than just how to cite your sources. APA provides specific guidelines on your writing style, tone, and presentation. This 60-minute presentation will review some of the more nuanced rules of APA style and how to craft a solid academic manuscript.


RECORDING: From Annotation to Synthesis​

This 60-minute presentation will guide students through the writing techniques needed to advance research writing from article summary and annotation to a synthesized literature review.


RECORDING: Writing As Students​

Presented by a TCSPP first-generation graduate student, this 60-minute session on the writing process from the student perspective will focus on fostering time management skills for organizing, drafting, submitting for review, and revising; how to locate TCSPP resources such as the OCWC, library, student support, and more; tips for professional and academic communication, including emails, discussion board posts, and requests for letters of recommendations; and overall writing and motivational tips.