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Alumni Mentoring Program​


Welcome to the TCSPP Alumni Mentoring Program (AMP)! The program brings together current students and alumni to stay connected in important/meaningful ways – career advancement, professional development, networking, and community building. Your mentor/mentee relationship will contribute to the success and retention of new practitioner scholars and most importantly, the learning of our students. We are here to ensure that you have the resources needed to make the most of this important partnership. This webpage will guide you through the mentoring process and provide useful resources. 



The TCSPP Alumni Mentoring Program is designed to pair successful alumni mentors with current students in support of their professional development by providing advice, assistance, and guidance. In turn, alumni mentors benefit with hands-on experience in personal development, harnessing student energy, and gaining career insight in their respective fields. Acknowledging varying commitments, the Alumni Mentoring Program is flexible and can be easily adapted to fit all schedules. Mentors and mentees are asked to commit to meeting at least once or twice a month through the medium of their choosing (i.e. in person, email, phone, Go-To-Meeting, etc.). 

The Alumni Mentoring Program aims to create connections both in and outside of the classroom during the student’s time at The Chicago School and beyond. The program allows for current students to impart their knowledge and experiences attending The Chicago School, and enhance their communication and goal setting skills.

Mentors have the opportunity to advise students on academic guidance, career advice, and professional development. Opportunities to interact with students include virtual chats, on-campus mixers and workshops, volunteer opportunities, and social events. 

Mentors and students will be paired based on a variety of factors, including common career interests and geographic preferences. There will be an expectation for both individuals to engage each other on a regular basis to ensure the relationship grows and benefits both the student and the professional. Pairs are asked to meet at least once a month for a formal commitment of 6​ months, and we hope to allow each mentoring relationship to develop in a way that best suits the individuals involved. ​


​Here are some of the unique benefits experienced in mentor-mentee relationships:

Alumni Mentor

  • ​Share knowledge of your education, career path, successes, failures, and what your experiences have taught you 
  • Acquire experience in coaching and fostering the talent of current TCSPP community members 
  • Increase the value of your TCSPP degree by investing in future alumni 
  • Cultivate a stronger connection with TCSPP 
  • Deepen your knowledge of the current student body, and campus communities and activities 
  • Network with other alumni participants 
  • Experience renewed pride and excitement for your work 
  • Gain a heightened sense of purpose and professional development

Student Mentee

  • ​Grow in self-awareness and self-discipline 
  • Deepen your knowledge of a specific industry, employer, organizational culture, and/or job function 
  • Test ideas and construct a personalized development plan with the help of a real-world professional 
  • Learn to receive and accept both praise and constructive feedback 
  • Improve your job search and networking skills and expand your professional network 
  • Gain a heightened sense of purpose and professional development 
  • Increase career opportunities and further enhance relationship management skills​


​Participants in the TCSPP Alumni Mentoring Program must meet the following eligibility requirements: 

Mentor Eligibility: 

• Certificate or degree conferred from TCSPP in any academic program 
• At least 1 year of professional experience in the chosen field 

Mentee Eligibility: 

• Current student enrolled in any TCSPP certificate or degree academic program ​

 Frequently Asked Questions

What is the time commitment? 

The TCSPP Alumni Mentoring Program is a six-month program designed with busy professionals and students in mind. The program runs from Fall semester through Spring semester. Students and alumni are asked to connect once a month, either in person or online. Register today to be a mentor/a mentee.​

For alumni who are not able to commit for the full six-month program, we encourage you to consider other ways you can be involved with TCSPP alumni family

What are other ways for alumni to get involved? 

  • Alumni Speaker Series (Launch in Spring 2018)
  • Alumni Subcommittee 
    • ​​Professional Development
    • Mental Health Awareness​
    • Publicity 

What If I don’t live n​ear a TCSPP campus?

Everyone is welcome to join the TCSPP Alumni Mentoring Program regardless of their location. Mentors who don’t live near TCSPP campuses can participate by doing distance mentoring via email, phone, video chat. 

Am I expected​ to provide a job or internship for student mentees?

No. You are not expected to provide a job or internship for student mentees. ​